"We believe in a soulful and sustainable way of life."

- Niki Schilling, Director of Innovation & Sustainability

Clean, Conscious & Caring

With the help of our three sustainability pillars, we aim to better our practices, and our planet every day.

Deep dive into our journey

Sustainability Report

To ensure transparency and accountability, our annual sustainability report details our goals and efforts.

2020 Report 2021 Report

Our Main Goals

When it comes to sustainability, we take a holistic approach. We've set goals across all areas of the business to reduce our environmental impact.

By 2025

All of our packaging will be refillable, recyclable or made from recycled material.

By 2026

Our stores' energy use will be reduced by 10%.

By 2023

All of our personal care formulas will contain over 90% ingredients of natural origin.*

By 2030

We commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% per product, versus our 2021 figures.

our race to net zero

Our Race to Net-Zero

We commit to reducing our carbon emissions by 50% per product by 2030 and achieving Net-Zero by 2050.
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Be The Change

We have pledged to plant, protect or restore a tree for every refill sold.

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trees will be grown thanks to you

The impact of refills so far
116.4 million MJ-eq

energy saved

57.8 million litres

water saved

6.4 million kg

less CO2-eq produced

1.9 million kg

less waste


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*See Sustainability report for all products in scope.